1. To raise awareness about the issue of waste at McGill.
  2. To provide an online educational web tool to elucidate the HOLISTIC system of waste management on campus: WHO is responsible, WHAT is being done, and HOW it works systematically. (Communicated through reports, info-graphics, videos, etc).
  3. To develop a working group with diverse stakeholders of staff and students that can meet, cooperate, and collaborate on future projects on a monthly basis.
  4. To build the knowledge and relationships with which to facilitate student engagement on the issue of waste, including applied student research and campus initiatives.




  • Gorilla Composting: David Morris
  • SSSMU Environment: David Gray-Donald
  • Reboot McGill: Daniel Ranga
  • Gorilla Composting: (Mac campus) Jennifer Ashfield
  • McGill Food Systems Project: Lou-Anne Daoust-Fillatrault
  • MCSS Environment: Jaaved Singh
  • McGill Energy Project: Marc-Etienne Brunet
  • McGill Food and Dining: Amelia Brinkerkoff


  • Hazardous Waste: Christian Bouchard
  • MacDonald Campus Waste Management: Peter Knox
  • Environment and health: Wayne Wood
  • Building and Grounds: Mika Varelas, Marc Dozois
  • Procurement: Kathy Zendehbad, Stephanie Leclerc
  • McGill Office of Sustainability: Lilith Wyatt


 The McGill Waste Project will facilitate applied student research opportunities, promote awareness campaigns, produce multi-media content, host events, launch waste initiatives, and continue working group meetings with stakeholders throughout the 2013-2014 school year.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email us at mcgillwasteproject@gmail.com










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