Applied Student Reseach


Applied student research (ASR) is a core element of McGill Waste Project’s (MWP) long-term goals. The networking, research, and resources that are in the process of being built through our SPF funded effort form a fertile foundation for ASR to be further realized.

Strong staff and faculty partners are a pre-requisite for success in the SPF funded research stage. Their participation in our waste working groups helps cement close and productive working relationships. The waste-working group is planned to serve as an outlet for stakeholders to express their needs and offer collaborative opportunities to one another. However, this isn’t limited to being a stakeholder-to-stakeholder (S2S) exchange; areas where stakeholders could benefit from a mutualistic relationship with students will be recognized and formed into opportunities for ASR.

The MWP will be playing a “connectivity” role. We will be contacting and expanding our network to include PhD and master students, as well as interested professors. We will be encouraging and working closely with stakeholders to highlight needs that might be addressed by an ASR project. We will then work to facilitate communication between students and advisors and aid in the formation of research opportunities for credit, or alternatively, under the header of MWP as a group initiative.

We will:

Identify opportunities where staff and groups can gain significant return on their participation in ASR.
Aid in structuring projects that provide significant return: high-value, high leverage results for a given amount of student work.
Establish expectations between stakeholder groups and students, aid in building relationships.
Provide facilitation and coordination, structuring of goals, timelines, and deliverables in order to optimize the benefits accrued to stakeholder groups without them expending too much time or needing to engage in micro-management in order to benefit from useful research results.

We currently have TWO Applied Student Research Opportunities:

1- Waste Reducing Policies in Goods Procurement

2- Sustainability in Campus Labs

Interested? Send us an email at!

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