Apply for ASR Project 1.1: Waste reducing policies…procurement

The McGill Waste Project: ASR Project 1.1: Waste Reducing Policies and Tender Clauses for Sustainable Goods Procurement. 


 Project Overview:

McGill’s procurement department is interested in developing specific policies for purchasing goods that would aim at integrating research about industrial ecology in order to reduce waste at the source. These policies would translate to the creation of “tender clauses”, which are the criteria with which external contracts are negotiated for the purchasing of goods. This research would then, in effect, work to select contractors who abide by the sustainability clauses outlined through this project, with the hope of reducing the total green house gas and environmental impact of McGill in the long run.


-Learn from the best practices of others: a comparative analysis of university procurement policies between McGill and comparable North American Universities will work as the foundation of this project.

-Research needs to be produced that can factually justify recommendations for the purchasing of goods and services in ways that lower University’s environmental impact and reduce waste at the source.

-A sustainable procurement policy is an important component of Procurement’s Sustainability Action Plan, and research should feed directly into the creation of campus policy.

-Sustainability policies need to be made tangible through the drafting of tender clauses in order to be implemented.


 Research: A 15-25 page research document that includes a comparative analysis of university procurement policies and a relevant literature review that would inform improvements in the sustainability of McGill’s procurement process. This will be handed in at the end of the semester to the supervisor.

Policy: In addition, the student will work closely with the client to produce a sustainability policy report, based on their findings and the format and structure of existing procurement policies.

Presentation: The student will present their results to the sustainability office, the McGill Waste Project, and the staff of the procurement department at the end of the semester.

-Reflection Piece: The student will be expected to write a 1-2 page reflection on their experience, the challenges they faced, their solutions to those challenges, and provide feedback with regards to the ASR process.

Responsibilities and time Commitments:

The student is responsible for the management of their time, and ultimately the success of the project. Note that according to McGill’s credit system, a 3 credit course represents roughly 9 hours of work per week when spread over a normal semester.

Procurement staff will meet with the student 1 hour per week over the course of the project (as well as be available for a reasonable number of additional emails and phone calls), to answer questions and provide resources and guidance.

Project supervisors:

Supervisor: Stephanie Leclerc (PHd), Procurement Sustainability Officer

Faculty Support: Madhav Badami, Professor in the School of Environment and Faculty of engineering.

Course Code: 

 This ASR project will be registered under the relevant department’s independent research course code (ENVR 490 for example).

 Questions/Next Steps:

 If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at To submit an application as a candidate for this project, send your CV and a short cover letter to

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