Executive Position: Webmaster

Webmaster for the 2013-2014 school year:


The Webmaster is committed to updating and maintaining the MWP website. That means refining the aesthetic of the page, updating the content, interconnecting with social media, and clearly organizing the public information MWP publishes in an easy to access way.


-Updating the wordpress website and writing entertaining yet informative blurbs about the group’s progress and challenges.

-Interconnecting the total web presence of MWP, between social media, etc. in a unified and effective way.

-Presenting the research results, posting ASR opportunities, and making information about the group accessible.

-Creating web infrastructure in such a way that neatly organizes and presents all the media and reports produced.


Time Commitments:

4-6 hours a week.



-Expertise in using wordpress platforms.

-Knowledge of HTML is a bonus.

-Excellent writing and communication skills.

-Experience in visual design and website design.

APPLY NOW: Send your CV to christian.Elliott2@mail.mcgill.ca.

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