Reducing Chemical Waste in the Chemistry Department

Reducing Chemical Waste in the Chemistry Department is a project headed by Cyril Vallet of McGill Energy Project, in collaboration with Hazardous Waste Management and professors in the Chemistry Department. It is funded by the Sustainability Projects Fund and will be a flagship project under the MWP umbrella. The project has the potential to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the Chemistry Department.

Project Manager: Cyril Vallet, B.Sc. Honours Chemistry
Supervisors: Professor Jean-Philip Lumb, HWM Director Christian Bouchard
Interns: Kale Laviolette, Peter Kwon, Meghan Bajzath
Description: The activities and equipment in research labs often consume large amounts of chemicals. There are obvious associated financial costs in handling, transportation, treatment, and incineration. The environmental impacts however, are less understood. This projects aims at gaining an understanding of the hazardous waste system from the perspective of the chemistry department. We will develop managerial, chemical, and educational ways to reduce the negative impacts of hazardous waste. Some solutions include solvent recycling, acid-base neutralization, and other changes to standard operating procedures. Cost-benefit and environmental impact analyses will be performed to demonstrate economic incentives for stakeholders to implement sustainable changes. Download a more complete project overview or contact Cyril at for more information.

To learn more about ‘greening’ chemistry labs, read Cyril’s report: Green Chemistry Opportunities in Chemistry Research Labs.

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