Vision 2020

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The McGill Waste Project is acting as a committed partner to the Vision 2020 Action Plan, with regards to waste management and waste reduction. As follows from the first draft….
  • Seek resources to conduct waste audits and study waste management at McGill.
  • Develop campus waste management plan/strategy based on the waste audit recommendations.
  • Implement the plan/strategy through education, infrastructure changes and alternatives solutions.
  • Conduct waste to energy feasability assessments.
  • Developing an information hub online to provide transparent information to students, staff and faculty who wish to wok on projects regarding campus waste systems.
  • Continue to coordinate applied student research (ASR).


Initiated by McGill’s Office of Sustainability in February 2012, Vision 2020 has broadly engaged the McGill community in developing i) a vision, ii) goals, and iii) an action plan for sustainability at McGill. Together, these three elements will comprise a Sustainability Strategy for McGill.

Vision 2020 has been notable for the degree to which it has engaged and energized a broad cross-section of the McGill community. The aim has been to foster relationships among McGill’s students, staff, and faculty and, in doing so, build momentum toward a sustainable future. Since beginning, we’ve captured energy and insight from countless conversations, world-café style discussions, flash consultations, one-on-one interviews and working groups with key members of the community. We’ve distilled McGill’s sustainability goals into five focused categories and are now working with members of the community to kick-start actions that will bring us toward our vision and goals for a sustainable McGill.

For more information about Vision 2020 click here.

The McGill waste project is participating in Action 3 (Sustainable Labs), Action 4 (Applied Studient Research), and Action 10 (Waste Management).

Contact us to learn how to start getting involved.

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